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Welcome to GC-Research, your competent and reliable executive search partner. We find the perfect candidate for your clients.

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Client satisfaction guaranteed and long-term cooperation.

What once started as a student job has become a passion. For more than 16 years, Kathrin Gütter has owned and operated GC-Research with one motto “Quality over quantity”. As a professional research partner, GC-Research supports you in your direct search for specialists and executives from all levels and industries.

Direct Search

Our results provide a foundation for successful mandates and satisfied clients. Accurate and original lists of target companies, meticulous and rapid research on exactly the right candidates and, if desired, direct contact engaged. We love what we do and want to bring success to your clients.
GC-Research is unique. We care about our customers. We analyse everything you need and where to find it. We then research specific data as required and coordinate with you again and again in a lively exchange and close cooperation so that you can find the perfect candidate for your client.

Reference information

The competition when looking for a job is fierce

If you want to make sure the information contained in the documents you have received is accurate, we are the right partner for the audit.

What information would you like to verify? Are you looking for special references?
The applicant receives an e-mail with a request to provide references and to give their consent.
We will contact referees and ask them for information in a timely manner.
You and the applicant will receive the information received in an appealing way.


You or your partner want to change careers, we stand beside you. We do more than advise you, we act. If you are about to relocate, we will assist you and your family in finding your way into the new environment.

Analyze your present situation and options.

We take care of you just as unique as you are. It does not matter whether you are a specialist, CEO, secretary,… whether you are regionally bound or want international change. Together we will find the best way for you.
​ ​Active research in the hidden job market

Rely on our expertise.
​Coaching for interviews with employers. We’ll help you make the best possible impression.
Accompaniment in the early days. We want you to feel comfortable in your new position. We accompany you during the first phase and analyse the new situation with you. This makes it possible to optimise certain processes.

Our values


Each case is handled by our professionals with effective, prompt and private results


our record along with our instinct help us identify the ideal candidate for your client


is the key element of our success

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